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La Dolce Vita

Learn how to purchase your dream home in Italy and live the life you truly deserve

Welcome, I am Nikki Taylor and I help overseas buyers confidently buy their dream property and create their own version of La Dolce Vita

Your path to living a life with passion and purpose

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What would life be like once you've...

What would life be like once you’ve…..

– Learned how to confidently buy your dream home in Italy
– Receiving tailored advice and guidance on WHERE to buy that will optimize your ROI
– Feeling truly supported and guided in a high vibe community of individuals on a similar journey
– Learning the concepts from our team of experts of slow living, balance and mindfulness to enhance your lifestyle
– Feeling the satisfaction that you said YES to your dream and are finally going all in on YOU

You’ve officially entered into your La Dolce Vita era. It’s time to become the person you see on your vision board. Our Unlock Your La Dolce Vita membership has been crafted to specifically help you achieve all the above.

If you want all of that and more, you’re in the right place……keep on reading!

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Let's take a peak inside Unlock Your La Dolce Vita

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Expert Guidance

Join ‘Unlock Your La Dolce Vita’ for comprehensive support and insights from a team of experts who have successfully helped navigate this journey for hundreds of others who share your dream.

A Proven Roadmap

Benefit from a proven roadmap which will cover how to find the right property, investment guidance, legal processes and relocation logistics.

Community and Support

Connect with those who understand. Be a part of a community that shares your dreams and challenges. Gain access to resources to support your emotional journey together, work on your mindset, network opportunities, and ongoing support to ensure your transition to your new Italian life is as smooth as possible.

…And more!

What Will You Find Inside

Unlock Your La Dolce Vita?

Invest in property in Italy

Lead La Dolce Vita Lifestyle

Be supported by monthly training sessions based on how to live ‘La Dolce Vita’- Be active in becoming the person who lives their sweetest life. Enjoy activities provided by our team of experts 

Access Our Community

Are you ready to go all in on you?

…to take out the guesswork in navigating the complex real estate industry in Italy, in order to learn how to successfully buy your dream home and live the life you truly deserve.

What you will learn?


Buy Property

The exact way to safely purchase your dream property in Italy


Discover The New You

Live YOUR LA DOLCE VITA era. Create the vision. Have a healthy + supported mindset. Be supported through the emotional journey of reaching your goals. It’s time to learn how to truly unlock your la dolce vita, push aside overwhelm and self-doubt and discover the new you.


Grow Revenue

Investments can help support your Italian lifestyle. Learn why Italy is a successful investment choice + learn how to rent your property and uncover a new revenue stream.


Lead la Dolce Vita

Build your dream! Discover what ‘La Dolce Vita’ really means and learn essential skills to support you in ACTUALLY living your dreams. Everything from learning Italian, integrating into the community, cultural transitioning, Italian lifestyle, and cooking to holistic wellness & mindset practices.


To “Unlock your LA DOLCE VITA”

Helping people realize their italian property dreams is my thing…

I’ve always had a passion for real estate which has been enhanced in my nearly a decade of experience in helping thousands of people educate themselves on how to purchase their dream home in Italy.

I want to share my expertise with you, and be part of this life changing journey where you will become a future Italian homeowner, creating a long lasting legacy for your loved ones


A positive and supportive community of like minded Italy lovers like you, who are ready to take serious action on making their Italian property buying dreams an achievable reality. A community led by Nikki Taylor, leading bilingual property consultant,  in the Italian real estate and holiday rentals industries.

If you’re looking for a complete life haul, this is for you. You don’t want to wistfully look over photos of people living their dreams in Italy, but you want to BE one of those people.

Join the movement that will help you confidently navigate your way through the various nuances of the buying process in Italy. Be supported through the transition from casual dreamer to Italian property owner.

it’s time for transformation

Sounds like a dream, right? But it doesn’t have to stay a dream, not anymore.

The path towards the Italian property dream is clouded with complexities—legal nuances, bureaucracy and finding the right area to invest in. Mixed with cultural and language barriers, this can make a daunting task of making a foreign land feel like home, even more overwhelming. Our membership has been crafted to offer you expert guidance and a supportive community. We’ll navigate you through the intricacies of purchasing and owning Italian property, integrating into the community, nurturing your mental health and mindset along the way, and truly embracing the Italian way of life.

By becoming one of our members, you gain insight into a 180-degree viewpoint on what it really means to not only confidently buy property in Italy but learn the strategies to invest smartly in the Italian real estate market and how to give an ROI back to your soul.

You have officially entered your YOUR LA DOLCE VITA era.

Join The Unlock Your La Dolce Vita Membership - Where The Dream Becomes A Reality​

Meet Your Coaches

We have you covered at your every turn. Meet the experts who will guide you every step of the way on your journey to LA DOLCE VITA. Each coach has been hand-picked specifically because they have a connection with Italy, and because they cover a crucial topic that will practically and/or emotionally assist you along the way.

Nikki will be your coach guiding you through the group with the Q&A sessions, hotseat coaching sessions on all things property and investment related


Dena Fenza

Italian Cooking Coach


Sara Garafalo

Holistic Wellness Coach


Shirley Shivhon

Yoga and Slow Living Coach


Patrizia Guasti

Italian Language Coach


Amy Sciarretta

Italian Style Coach


Pauline Val Dungca

Community Manager


Connie Costa

Sicily Guide


Elisa Doro

Puglia Guide

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if you are ready to take action on your Italian dream

I’m Nikki Taylor

And This is My La Dolce Vita Story:

Benvenuti! I’m Nikki, your guide to purchasing your dream property so you can truly embrace La Dolce Vita.

My journey to this sweet life was unexpected but transformative. Once entrenched in the high-pressure world of corporate banking and investment, I found myself craving more — more balance, more joy, more authenticity.

12 years ago, I was the epitome of corporate burnout. Long hours, relentless pressure, and a life in overdrive had taken their toll on my health and happiness. I was on a fast track, not to success, but to a breakdown.

It was then I decided to redefine success on my terms. The pivotal moment? Embracing Italy — not just as a place, but as a way of life. Purchasing my first property here was more than an investment; it was the first step towards a life filled with richness, culture, and tranquility.

I honed my expertise in Italian real estate, working for a renowned agency and gaining deep insights into the market. But I yearned for more. I wanted to blend this expertise with my corporate experience to create something unique — a pathway for others to find their La Dolce Vita.

Image: Joe Saunders

As Featured In

After nearly a decade of experience in the real estate and holiday rentals industries in Italy, I am the only property consultant in the country with daily boots on the ground experience with a banking and financial background. My aim is to not only find you your dream home in Italy but also have it generate you an income!

My work has been featured in high profile publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, plus I am a two time best selling Amazon author and have had the privilege of filming episodes for House Hunters International and Mediterranean Life for HGTV.

Now, I’m living my dream with my two boys and the love of my life, and I’m here to help you do the same. 

Helping people make empowered positive changes in their lives, embracing the timeless concepts of la dolce vita and slow living so they live more fulfilled lives, totally lights me up! 

Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the Italian life you’ve always desired!

Your future you will THANK you

Hear What People Are Saying

What It’s Like To Have Experts Support You In Reaching Your Real Estate Dreams

I can certainly say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the help and assistance of Nikki. She continuously checks in and provides updates through Zoom calls, WhatsApp texts and voice messages. She is there every step of the way. Also, She has a lot of fantastic contacts and resources that can help navigate the whole process and keep what could potentially be a very stressful situation to manageable anxiety, :).


Do you remember your first trip to Italy? Did you come back home thinking that you would love to live there? We did... We came back and talked and dreamed and said " What if..." After numerous return trips to Italy to find our "spot", At long last, after 15 years of talking and dreaming, we found Nikki and Italy Property Consulting. We took the leap, spent a year studying, learning and searching...with Nikki's guidance and expertise, we have found our dream house in Italy! We could not have done it without her expert advice, her amazing contacts and knowledge of the Italian property market. If you are ready to make you're dreams come true, look no further! Nikki Taylor will not steer you wrong!


I found the module very informative and certainly highlighted a few points to me as I head out to Cetona to meet the agent and see the property.


Nikki I am so glad I found you! I was able to watch Module 1 today and I am feeling more comfortable about moving to Italy.


Thanks Nikki for your passion and dedication to help us make our dream a reality. Module 1 kicked off to a great start. I know that I will learn from you and our community. It’s great being in a group of like minded people! Can’t wait for the next module


Nikki is not only great at what she does, but she is fun to work with. I quickly realized this is not just a job for her, this is her passion.


I just wanted to let you know, my confidence in you skyrocketed after this particular module. Even if I plan on buying property much later, I feel so much more reassured that I chose the right advisor to partner with for this particular endeavour.


When she says “i’m here for you” she is very serious. Do yourself a favor if you plan to purchase property in Italy, contact Nikki and collaborate


I just want to thank you Nikki for putting this together, Module 1 was so positive, practical and informative we both feel like this dream of ours might become a reality.


I just re-watched the video, it was great! Feel like this is the best thing we could have done. Thank you for your kindness, passion and expertise with all of this.


How To

Unlock YOUR La Dolce Vita

Join us!
Sign up below and take massive steps to unlocking your la dolce vita

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You are ready to UNLOCK YOUR LA DOLCE VITA. You want to be supported by our like-minded community that will surround you and gently accompany you into fully embodying the La Dolce Vita concept and the art of Slow Living.

Aspiring Italian Homeowner

You’ve always wanted to own a home in Italy, whether it’s a quaint countryside villa, a property with breathtaking sea views or a little casetta in the “centro storico” where you can fully immerse yourself into the daily lifestyle that Italy offers. Allow our team of experts to show you the path to your dream

Seeking Balance

You’ve been feeling off-balance and it’s time for your hectic life to slow down. You’re striving to transform your life. You want to create a life that is harmonious, gratifying, and serene. The Italian ethos of ‘La Dolce Vita’—savoring every fleeting moment and embracing life’s fullness—strikes a chord with you, and you are ready to join a community of kindred Italophiles.

Ready for Change + Transformation

You’ve reached your turning point, and you are ready for change. You want life to feel full again and have new meaning. You want to go on an exciting adventure that makes you feel alive.The prospect of weaving yourself into a new culture and community isn’t just a distant dream; it’s a goal you’re determined to make happen. You know you’re one of many, and you do not walk this path alone.

Italian Heritage

You have Italian heritage and are looking for a way to reconnect to the past through your ancestors. You want to visit and lay ground on the same soil that your nonna came from. You want to find a way to feel closer to who you are by knowing where you came from.

Value Expert Guidance + Support

While the anticipation of this new chapter is extremely exciting, you acknowledge the intricate dance of purchasing property abroad and settling into a foreign land. You have an appreciation for expert guidance and support that will navigate you through any obstacles or challenges.

Your Vision is Long Term

Your dreams go beyond a holiday home abroad; you dream of a lasting investment, generational wealth, a haven where enduring memories unfold, whether for retirement, cherished family vacations, or a sweeping lifestyle metamorphosis. Our carefully crafted training material will arm and empower you, making each investment decision wise and heartfelt.


Unlock Your La Dolce Vita

The Life-changing Journey To Your Dream Italian Life

With expert guidance, insider knowledge, and a supportive community, you'll navigate the path to your idyllic Italian home with confidence and ease.

Say goodbye to doubts, confusion, fears, and hesitations; it's time to step into your new chapter filled with culture, beauty, and balance.

Who is this a dream fit for?

This Is For You If:

This Isn't For You If:

Join us Today for just $28 a month

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER - (the post-launch price will be $48 a month)

The price you pay remains fixed. We will be increasing the price over time as new exciting features are added - however the price you sign up for will never change


Is there a group? How do I access the community?

Yes, there is a group which where our community manager and team of coaches will welcome and support you in your journey. A link to the group is available in your membership portal.

How does the property hotseat coaching work?

Use the form inside the membership portal to submit the property you want reviewed to Nikki. Give as much information as possible to get the best support.

How quickly will the coaches respond to my questions?

We aim to respond to your questions within 48 hours during buisiness hours (italy time). Please note we practice what we preach and use our weekends to embrace show living, switch off and recharge. We will be back with you on Monday.

How long Do I have access to the material?

As long as your membership is paid and in good standing, you will have access to all the material in the membership portal and group.

How do I submit a question to Nikki or one of the coaches?

You’ll find a form inside your membership portal to use to submit your questions.

How many live sessions are there a month?

There are two live training sessions a month.

When are the live sessions? Are they recorded?

The dates and times for live sessions will be presented in your ‘what’s on this month’ guide which will be published both in your membership portal and in the group. The sessions are recorded and will be shared in the group and in the membership portal.

I already subscribe to the VIP version of the magazine. What will happen to my subscription?

Email us and we will cancel your VIP magazine subscription and you will continue to recieve the magazine as part of your membership perks.

What is the minimum commitment period?

There is no minimum commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time. Remember, we offer a 30 day guarantee too, so if you join and find this isn’t for you, we will return your first month’s payment.

30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

At Unlock Your La Dolce Vita, we’re committed to your satisfaction and confident in the value our program delivers. However, we understand that every individual’s journey is unique. If within the first 30 days of joining you feel our program isn’t the right fit for you, we offer a no-questions-asked refund. Your happiness and peace of mind are paramount to us. We don’t want anyone to feel unhappy or uncertain about their decision. Simply reach out to us within the 30-day period, and we will process your refund promptly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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